US Casino Giant Enters Online Bingo Sector

Harrahs have entered the online gambling sector with 2 new sites last month, Caesars Bingo & Caesars Casino named after their most well known casino Caesars Palace. Until now, no US casino has tried to establish a foothole in either the online bingo or online casino markets due to the American ban on online gambling. Many feel that we are perhaps only a year away from the US goverment legalising gambling in the states so it does look like Harrahs are making moves ready for the return of the Americans! Perhaps the giants of online bingo or perhaps even UK online gaming sites such as VC Casino should be looking over their shoulders as I think that Caesars Bingo could well be giving them a run for their month in the years ahead.

Also launching at the same time is Mr Green Casino plus a new online bingo directory has also come online.

Virgin Bingo – Free Daily Scratchcard

Free Daily Scratchcard

Necker Island Scratchcard
Virgin Bingo is giving away cash every day on their Free Daily Necker Island Scratchcard. With a jackpot cash prize of £500 up for grabs, it’s definitely worth giving our new card a little scratch. Come back every day for a fresh card and a fresh chance to win! Better still every Virgin Bingo Scratchcard is a winner with a free cash prize of 10p to £500! Virgin also have a superb range of online slot machines from the very best gaming networks. For our Aussie reader I must say that we Brits call pokies, slot machines.

Remember Virgin Bingo offer much more than just bingo. They have a massive range of slots, casino games and even roulette machines.

Big Online Bingo Jackpots!

Many remain sceptical about some of the big money jackpots available online. Many feel the huge jackpots seem to be too good to be true. Let me say that if you are playing at UK online bingo sites these jackpots are indeed true and won frequently. UK online bingo sites are heavily audited & regulated so they have to adhere to strict guidelines. If a six figure jackpot is advertised then you csn guarantee it is a real jackpot and available to be own. Most UK online bingo sites even list all the jackpot winners.

Jackpotjoy Bingo lists all of their winners on their site, with most of the listing including a photo of the winner with their check. Each month they pay out a staggering £70 million! Their record jackpot stands at an amazing £1,438,049 which was won on their popular deal or no deal slot.

Bet365 Bingo is another UK site that regularly update its winner list. Bet365 is one of the world’s largest online gambling groups with over three million customers worldwide.  Bet365 employs over 1,000 people and is the UK’s seventh largest private company.

Online Bingo Games

Back in the 1500s, Bingo Games came into existence. They are one of the oldest games played even now. After its evolution, Bingo games have gone through various stages of development and  games are the latest addition to the Bingo family at sites such as Sky Bingo, Party Bingo or even VC Casino. Internet undoubtedly played a lion’s share in bringing about this development by bringing Bingo games straight to people’s homes. The craze for the games since then has just increased. Online Bingo games are unlike some other online games, with the advent of chat boxes and side games online bingo is not just about the game,   it is also about the community and the friendships which can be made.

In bricks and mortar bingo halls the game is played thus. The caller pulls up a number up on the screen. Within the given time, if the players find the number on their cards, the lucky one should yell loudly as ‘BINGO’, this should be loud enough to reach the caller’s ears. The lucky one is then declared as the winner.

To ensure that you get a payout at the Bingo sites, just join reputed sites on the internet. Always play the game with minimum number of players so that you can make sure of a probability of winning. If the game is overcrowded, do not play. Put the game in auto-daub mode grab some pop-corn and cola and come back after some time to play in a fresh game. During the weekends, there is a chance of you not going empty handed since weekends mean whooping prizes at Sky Bingo or even Sky Vegas.

Online Bingo Sleuth

Online Bingo Sleuth

Online Bingo Sleuth is a British site that promotes the best British online bingo & casino sites including Caesars Casino. Unlike many other bingo affiliate sites they only promote the best of the best. OBS was launched during late 2008 and has seen a steady rise in traffic and popularity which has helped thousands of bingo player’s sign up to tried and trusted sites.

Readers of the site will be aware that Virgin Bingo is heavily promoted on OBS. The owner of OBS stated that he believes that Virgin Bingo is not only a great site to play, but also the cash back scheme that Virgin run (VPoints), makes playing on the site great value. OBS have a special deal with Virgin Bingo that offers all those who use sign up using the sleuth bonus code 500 VPoints absolutely free. Another great feature of Virgin Bingo is that once you have an account you can use your login details to play Virgin’s other sites such as Virgin Casino or even Virgin Poker. Of course OBS promote other leading online bingo sites such as Jackpotjoy, 888 and Ladbrokes. Each site promoted has a spec sheet page which gives full details of what the site has to offer. We love the fact that OBS only promotes the leading trusted brands plus we like their bingo articles and winners stories.

Online Bingo Sleuth sure does get the thumbs up from us!

Fancy A Change?

If you fancy something different why not give poker a try? If you use Google you will find plenty of training materials so in a short time you can play like a pro. Many suggest to start by playing sit and go’s or even low level cash where the buy in is no more than $5. Keep away from the sites where the pros hang out at sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt. Pick a small Euro site to play on such as the 3D site PKR. Many suggest that PKR is one of the softest sites online. Better still you can earn PKR Rakeback and even claim a PKR Bonus. If you want full control of your PKR 3D character then take a look at PKR Emotes as it lists them all. You can even play at PKR for free so why not download PKR today.