US Casino Giant Enters Online Bingo Sector

Harrahs have entered the online gambling sector with 2 new sites last month, Caesars Bingo & Caesars Casino named after their most well known casino Caesars Palace. Until now, no US casino has tried to establish a foothole in either the online bingo or online casino markets due to the American ban on online gambling. Many feel that we are perhaps only a year away from the US goverment legalising gambling in the states so it does look like Harrahs are making moves ready for the return of the Americans! Perhaps the giants of online bingo or perhaps even UK online gaming sites such as VC Casino should be looking over their shoulders as I think that Caesars Bingo could well be giving them a run for their month in the years ahead.

Also launching at the same time is Mr Green Casino plus a new online bingo directory has also come online.