Mecca Increases Takings But Profits Fall

During  2009, British bingo giant, Mecca Bingo increased takings by over £5million from £227.6million to £230million)  Mecca report that the growth in revenue was due to increased spend per customer as the halls had actually seen a fall in customer visits in 2009.

The bad news is that Mecca’s  profits fell from £37.9million in 2008 to £32.3million last year.Mecca claim the fall in profits  is down to the increased levels of taxation brought in by the government. The bingo hall’s performance was also adversely affected by the poor weather at the start and end of 2009 plus many also feeling the UK smoking ban is taking its toll.

The owners of Mecca, Rank Group PLC have called for a simplification of the gambling tax system in the UK and a system that will increase fairness for bingo halls, casinos and online gaming companies.